Why cargo charter is the solution to the scheduled capacity problem ?







The cargo charter is the solution to the scheduled capacity problem.

Why cargo charter is the solution to the scheduled capacity problem? Everyone knows that scheduled airlines suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, 40% of passenger flights are still down. Scheduled services typically have dedicated belly space for cargo. In other words, the passenger airlines fill the remaining space available from luggage with goods bound for the final destinations. Therefore, the disruption of scheduled flights and the travel restrictions impact severely the cargo capacity. Furthermore, the airlines are usually using the remaining capacity for medical supplies (testing kits, PPE, and vaccines) and urgent cargo. Consequently, it creates a bottleneck effect for the standard cargo as the remaining space is rare. Also, the high demand from post covid supply chain (high volume, and shortage of manpower) severely impacts Ocean freight.

Certainly, it will continue to be the case until more passenger aircraft belly hold capacity becomes widely available.

As a result, freight forwarders and shippers must think outside the box to keep shipments moving.

This situation leads to the emergence of private cargo charter as a reliable and flexible alternative to belly capacity. As a result, this trend will continue until regular services recover. Also, many passenger aircraft have been converted into freighters (“freighters”) to meet skyrocketing demand.

The personalized service and trusted expertise that comes with air charter make it a welcomed solution. Most importantly, customers view cargo charter as the most reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solution for transporting vital cargo around the world. To clarify, a cargo charter is the best way to keep supply chains moving during this global crisis. In short, a cargo charter provides:

Additional Lift
Cargo charters provide extra capacity when scheduled services have no space available.
Offline Destinations
Charter flights offer the capacity to remote locations not serviced by scheduled flights.
Heavy/Outsized Cargo
Specialists in transporting cargo that will not fit on traditional aircraft.
Priority Cargo or Humanitarian lift
Providing urgent cargo charter flights for goods that must move immediately.

To find out more about cargo charter and receive a personalized quotation, contact our team today at shipit@fretcot.com.

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Fretcot brokers have the experience to assist you with all types of cargo and their individual requirements. From natural organic materials, chemical compounds, auto parts, and everyday items. From large pieces of machinery used in constructing assembly lines to humanitarian lifts following hurricanes or natural disasters.

We analyze route, payload, and timescale to propose the most suitable cargo aircraft for your requirements. Also, our team can organize part-charters, backloads, and other commercially innovative solutions for ad hoc, peak season, and project cargo. We will care for your cargo from the beginning to the end of the transportation cycle.

Whatever your cargo air charter requirements, our specialist team is here to help you find the solution.

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