Freight forwarder near me Vs. digital freight forwarder

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Freight forwarder near me Vs. digital freight forwarder

If you want to grow your business or ship internationally, the first reflex is to go to your web search engine. Then you will probably look for: freight forwarder near me. Surprisingly the result page may suggest a new exciting trend: Online freight forwarders. This guide will help you to choose between a Freight forwarder near me Vs. digital freight forwarder.
[brando_blockquote brando_token_class=”brando_blockquote_1604880324-2-92″ blockquote_icon=”1″ brando_blockquote_icon_color=”#7ccae5″]Thanks to the digital revolution, we see a new business model emergence:  online freight forwarders.[/brando_blockquote]
Trading across international borders can be complicated. It takes a lot of time and consumes many resources. In other words, it’s not only to penetrate foreign markets. For instance, you have to handle your supply chain, overcome document complexity. You may have to deal with customs delays or lost cargo. Above all, you must comply with rules and shipping regulations and simultaneously maintain your customer relationship.
[brando_blockquote brando_token_class=”brando_blockquote_1604880324-2-92″ blockquote_icon=”1″ brando_blockquote_icon_color=”#7ccae5″]A good freight forwarder usually guides you and ease your exportation and importation process, passing borders without hassles or delays and relieve you from the transportation burden so you can focus on what matters.[/brando_blockquote]
The difference between traditional and digital freight forwarder is not complicated.
Let’s explain first what a freight forwarder does for you?
Shippers need to understand the basics of freight forwarding. What are the differences between traditional and digital companies? Why a digital solution is superior?

What Is Freight Forwarding?

A freight forwarder is a person or company that organizes shipments for individuals or corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market. To clarify, forwarding agents do not move the goods but act as an expert in the logistics network. Forwarders can use multiple shipping modes for a single shipment: ships, airplanes, trucks, and railroads. Also, international freight forwarders contact the carriers to negotiate rates. Furthermore, forwarding agents have the expertise to prepare and process customs documentation and manage paperwork. They set up the pick-up of goods. Guide you to have your shipment in compliance for the transportation. They schedule ocean container shipping, and negotiate space with airlines and track your cargo.

So now, imagine handling all processes listed above manually. Because of shipping’s complexity, traditional freight forwarders could spend hours or days trying to quote and schedule a single shipment. Until recently, conventional freight forwarders were the only option available.

[brando_blockquote brando_token_class=”brando_blockquote_1604880704-2-21″ blockquote_icon=”1″ brando_blockquote_icon_color=”#7ccae5″]With the rise of e-commerce, global trade, ultra-competitive retail environments, more customers are expecting an “Amazon-Esque” shipping experience.[/brando_blockquote]
So how the digital revolution, automation, and platform integration can improve the shipping process?  What about cost control? How to remain competitive? Sometimes we can feel the frustration of not speak to a human when things are challenging. Let’s find out where a digital freight forwarder comes into play and what it does for shippers now.

What is an online freight forwarder?

A digital freight forwarder has its business model based entirely on an online presence. It delivers a range of benefits. It increases competitiveness, reduces barriers to internationalization, and can add value to the shipper’s customer service.

Benefits of an online freight forwarder

1. Seamless shipping process

Digital freight forwarders can be found with a simple keyword search on Google or Bing.
As a result, you can interact immediately with a digital freight forwarder directly through its website. In general, you can instantly chat and to connect with a customer service team member. Most popular online forwarders have instant quote engines. You can get indicative quotes for your shipment in seconds.

2. Better buying experiences for customers

Due to the complicated rate distribution, an offline quote can take 24 to 48 hours. A Digital freight forwarder can generate an instant quote in less than 2 mins. Therefore, your customers will know what they will pay. They can compare costs, and know when to expect the arrival. An informed customer is a loyal customer. More customers are willing to pay a premium for faster shipping. Therefore, it is in the best interest of all companies to offer immediate access to freight rates and delivery schedules.

3. Visibility, Promoting transparent process management.

In traditional freight forwarding, manual tracking relies on customer service executives. However, with Digital freight, the customer stays informed. He can track and trace throughout the transportation process in real-time. So, It enables better load planning for subsequent activities while in transit.

4. Improved documentation management and compliance

A digital freight forwarder eliminates complex document processes. You can share documents and have immediate access to information. For example, it reduces the need to make phone calls or email documents back and forth. Consequently, a digital freight forwarder enables a faster shipping process. It keeps costs under control. This is typically not achievable with traditional forwarders.

5. Customer Service

Customer service is critical for the survival of a freight forwarder business. In conventional forwarding, transactional costs can be high. Traditional forwarders are usually segmenting the service levels according to the profitability of customers. Consequently, a high-volume, frequent shippers usually get VIP levels of customer service.
For example, if you only make one or two LCL (Less than a container load) shipments per month, the level of attention is typically much lower. However, with online forwarders, the opposite is true.
Online freight forwarders use the latest technology to issue quotes and processing bookings. Besides, they keep you compliant with shipping rules and regulations.  So online forwarding platforms reduce transactional costs. Therefore, it allows their organizations to invest more in providing personal attention and service to a broader segment of customers.
The brand of a digital freight forwarder is built around the digital platform.  Technology is the facilitator making customer retention easier.

What type of online freight platform?

It is vital to understand that not all online freight forwarders are the same.  The service you receive will depend on what type of provider you select. Digital forwarding companies fall mainly into four categories:

1/ Traditional freight forwarders that have implemented technology to digitize, but not necessarily change, the way they operate.

2/ Digital freight markets that connect importers and exporters with forwarding agents, customs brokers, and carriers.

3/ Freight forwarding platforms owned and operated by multinational logistics service providers. They have an online front end supported by a worldwide network of resources and assets.

4/ Independent online platforms operated by tech companies in partnership with one or more traditional freight forwarders or logistics providers

Your experience of working with an online forwarder will depend on which of the above categories you chose. Most of the digital front-end functionalities tend to be similar. As a guest user, whichever online freight forwarder type you chose, you will probably find that the services offered will be limited to some degree.
To access the full range of services, such as shipment booking, customs-clearance assistance, and indeed, any service beyond the provision of information and quotes, you will probably need to register on the provider’s platform. However, it usually costs nothing to sign up, and the process should not take more than a few minutes.

What is the fretcot model?

At fretcot, we have decided to go with the last model. Our core values are customer satisfaction, quality, integrity, and responsiveness. We build a strong relationship with our freight forwarder partner. We think this model encourages everybody to use their skills and assets to provide our customers with very competitive rates and the best shipping experience.

What is the online Forwarding Process?

Simplicity is one of the main advantages. Below is an example of the typical online shipping process.
1.The exporter visits the online forwarder’s platform and fills in an online form to get an instant quote. The exporter can quote as many quotes as desired.
2.The quote is returned in seconds. You can compare the rates and transit time for 3 shipping products at the same time: Air expedited, Airfreight standard, and Ocean shipping. When an instant quote is not available, the platform directs the request to a service team member, who provides the exporter with a customized quote.
3.If the exporter is happy with the instant quote, he can decide to book. A quote reference is provided instantly.
4. fretcot team will review the quote rapidly. Once accepted, it’s time to meet the documentation and compliance requirements. The exporter is invited to provide the information requested by the cargo portal.
5.Before starting shipping, the exporter pays online, using one of a range of payment methods.
6.The freight forwarder begins the shipment process. He receives the cargo in its warehouse and makes sure that the weight, as well as packaging, is compliant.
7.The exporter can track the progress of the cargo from origin to destination.
8.If the exporter has questions or concerns at any point, he can speak to a service team member by phone, chat, or text. The entire digital process is designed to offer maximum convenience to the shipper.

Final Thought
SME and individuals often lack the resources for the active supply chain management.
Shippers that continue to work with traditional freight forwarders will see higher rates and longer delivery windows.
Therefore online freight forwarders can help exporters to reduce international trading challenges, grow their business conveniently, and help to gain a competitive edge. In today’s digital age, online freight forwarders are a must-have.
fretcot in an online shipping tool that allows you to quote easily, pick-up, book, ship, be compliant and track your shipments back up with a team of expert

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