4 TIPS to Save on international shipping costs from USA

save on shipping costs

4 TIPS to Save on international shipping costs from the USA

Though online retailers are known for their jaw-dropping free shipping options, it does not come cheap. The shipping is usually passed directly to their clients. So how to save on international shipping costs?

How to stay competitive when shipping?

We partner with renowned Airlines and shipping lines. So, our plate-form offers the best international shipping deals. We propose the best service reliability and the shortest transit time from the USA. You can make the best decision based on your budget. Sometimes a few extra bucks make your business move faster.

Unlike any other website, we do not offer a courier option. We work only with commercial airlines. Because we choose the best routes combinations, we offer you the most competitive shipping quotes ex the USA. If you ship to, Africa you want to check our very competitive rates.  

Save time on quoting task

With fretcot, there is no sign up quoting needed. It is the best tool to compare in only one quote; International Expedited, air freight, and Ocean transportation. Quote, whenever you want. In other words, you do not need the long back and forth with your freight forwarder for pricing. You can give the Let’s quote link to your vendors so they can focus on what matters: sell your products faster and get shipping costs easily and quickly.

fretcot offers the cheapest shipping costs for small businesses and medium-sized businesses who want to stay competitive. Directly reduce your shipping costs and increase your margin.

Rely on experts

You can quote small shipments, from a few kilos to large machinery. Above all our calculator allows you to quote vehicles, motorcycles, or, dangerous goods. However, if you doubt your logistic process, you can always rely on our team of experts.

When you use the fretcot shipping-calculator always, keep in mind these few tips to maximize your user experience and save money on shipping.


[brando_content_block brando_block_premade_style=”block-1″ brando_block_preview_image=”block-1″ brando_token_class=”brando_content_block_1592777864-2-86″ brando_title_color=”#7ccae5″ brando_title=”Skip the pick up and save on international shipping costs”]Skip the pickup and choose to drop off at our hubs located in 9 cities across the USA: Miami, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston. To save time and money, you can directly drop off at a nearby terminal. Consequently, you won’t need any carrier pickup services.[/brando_content_block]
[brando_content_block brando_block_premade_style=”block-1″ brando_block_preview_image=”block-1″ brando_token_class=”brando_content_block_1592777864-2-86″ brando_title_color=”#7ccae5″ brando_title=”Have larger shipments”]Shipping less often but shipping larger shipments will help you to save on shipping costs. You can get a better deal for a larger quantity. Check our shipping calculator. Usually, Airlines, trucking companies, and forwarders are working with weight breaks. The weight break is the quantity necessary for a per-unit reduction in price for the cargo’s transportation.[/brando_content_block]
[brando_content_block brando_block_premade_style=”block-1″ brando_block_preview_image=”block-1″ brando_token_class=”brando_content_block_1592777864-2-86″ brando_title_color=”#7ccae5″ brando_title=”Optimize your package”]

Air freight is billed through chargeable weight, which is a metric calculated by combining the weight and size (volume) of the shipment.

Ocean shipping, shipment weight is not usually factored in. Instead, ocean shipping is billed by container—a full standard container (20’ x 40’) is charged a flat rate. If you decide to ship less than container loads (LCL) you are billed by cubic meter.

Understand how to calculate transportation costs?

For large, heavy shipments, shipping via ocean is often much less expensive. But as shipment sizes decrease, the margin between air and ocean prices also decreases.

Optimize your package size by reducing the volume. It can help you to save on shipping costs. Keep in mind that your cargo must be packed properly. Check our packing guidelines.[/brando_content_block]

[brando_content_block brando_block_premade_style=”block-1″ brando_block_preview_image=”block-1″ brando_token_class=”brando_content_block_1592777864-2-86″ brando_title_color=”#7ccae5″ brando_title=”Regular Business”]We offer special pricing for regular business. You can also talk to us for project cargo, such as Aircraft Engines or full charter service. In other words, you can save even more on shipping costs. Contact us shipit@fretcot.com[/brando_content_block][brando_blockquote brando_token_class=”brando_blockquote_1592777767-2-26″ blockquote_icon=”1″ brando_blockquote_heading=”fretcot team” brando_blockquote_bg_color=”#f6f6f6″]Sometimes few extra bucks worth getting your business moving faster. [/brando_blockquote]

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