The new eco-friendly shipping methods

Eco-Friendly shipping
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The new eco-friendly shipping methods

We care about the future of our planet, but we know this is impossible to achieve Co2 neutrality alone. How can we achieve eco-friendly shipping? We know that the logistics industry contributes to roughly 7% of the emission of CO2 worldwide. As a result, ocean acidification and global warming are dramatically impacting our natural ecosystems and threatening life on our planet.

Above all, we want to change that reality and are committed to reducing our contribution to that percentage. Consequently, our sustainability goal is to address and reduce in our direct sphere of influence Co2 emissions through all our eco-friendly operations worldwide.


Making greener choices requires more awareness of our CO2 footprint along each step of the supply chain. In a few words, our digital platforms enable our customers to optimize their routes and select services with the lowest CO2 emissions to reduce environmental impact.

There is a strong desire amongst the whole freight supply chain to be eco-friendly. First, there are more efforts on transparency with the measurement of air cargo and Ocean cargo carbon footprint. We see concrete actions to reduce fuel consumption by reducing weight on board (going paperless with electronic transmission vs papers but also investing in lightweight containers and ULD‘s and larger strategies to modernize the fleet, use biofuels, and make cargo operations more efficient.

You can calculate your carbon footprint through different agencies’ methodologies such as ADEME.  We also invite you to check sustainable packing advice.


CO2 emissions are our goal. So we are implementing renewable energy in our daily operations, reduce business trips, and waste disposal.

We are also providing environment-friendly solutions to our customers, by reducing transportation distances and favor electronic communication over the use of paper.

Most importantly, we Procure logistic services based on environmental criteria. Our digital platforms and portal support the selection of more sustainable transport routes and modes.


We lessen our footprint by investing in certified nature-based projects that work towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Above all, carbon offsetting is a recognized mechanism that allows counterbalancing CO2 emissions of a shipment that cannot be avoided. That is to say, this mechanism is also available to our customers.

Learn more about offsetting

To sum up, you ship internationally from the USA, you can be part of our eco-friendly shipping program. You can do an international freight quote using our freight calculator. There’s no sign-up. You can quote and compare international freight quote in a wink.

We want to change that reality and are committed to reducing our contribution to that percentage through our fretcot O2 program.

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