The best solution to ship to Africa from USA

The best solution to ship to Africa from USA
Online shipping calculator to Africa

fretcot the best solution to ship to Africa from USA

Africa a continent with new opportunities

If you need to ship a shipment to Africa, you probably wonder; What is the best solution to ship to Africa? At first, sight, to ship to Africa could look challenging. Because of government regulations, infrastructures, rurality, low access to connectivity, road network, bank card penetration, etc.

Africa is the second-largest continent on the planet. In fact, it is made up of 54 countries. Also, Africa is home to 1.1 billion people, 50% of whom are under the age of 25. Consequently, this means the number of freights shipped to, from, and within Africa is ever increasing.

But in fact, shipping your freight to Africa is an easier process than you may have realized.

Africa is accelerating its digital transformation. Furthermore, Africa develops new opportunities through various economical projects such as the African Continent free trade area. To clarify, it allows to lower trade barriers and promote regional economic integration.

The cheaper way to send a package to Africa

If you are regularly shipping to Africa do not overspend on the shipping. For example, you may be unaware of the options available or because you are over-relying on Express freight. fretcot is a shipping startup in partnership with a freight forwarder and we have developed an online shipping tool.

How does fretcot help businesses to save money when shipping to Africa?

-Firstly, we use reliable commercial airlines, interlines agreements, and shipping line brokers.

-Secondly, we use various shipping hubs in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Consequently, we offer the best options in terms of price and transit time.

-Besides, we also consolidate cargo to some of our most popular destinations. As a result, you can take advantage of our lower rates.

In conclusion, you can keep your costs down when shipping to Africa thanks to our economical freight services.

An easier way to ship to Africa

Our instant shipping calculator offers rates from the USA to 47 Countries. That is to say, we cover a total of 59 destinations within the African continent. First, our system provides instant quotes. Most importantly, you compare on the same screen the prices and transit time for 3 types of services; Expedited, Air shipment, and ocean freight. You can prepare the documents through our portal. In other words, to book, ship, and track is very easy. To sum up, with fretcot you can close your business deal faster because you can get your shipping costs in seconds.

Our shipping tool allows you to quote: general cargo, heavy equipment, commercial goods or household goods, mining equipment, generators, construction equipment, oil & gas equipment, etc. Besides, you can get instant prices for vehicles, motorcycles, tractors parts, agricultural equipment, aircraft parts, full container or less than a container load, etc.

All you need to do to get a price for your cargo/package is to provide your information. For example, where you are sending from, sending to, and a few details about your package.

Benefits to ship to Africa with fretcot

  1. Interact immediately and chat with our team.
  2. The instant quote helps you close business faster. Compare Air and Ocean Shipping costs in seconds, get transit time, no sign in. Keep costs under control.
  3. Very competitive pricing, shipping without cutting profits, and your products remain competitive.
  4. 47 countries covered in Africa. 59 destinations.
  5. Seamless shipping experience. In other words, a better buying experience, documentation management, and compliance.
  6. Visibility Tracking capability.
  7. Customer service with a team of experts.

Final thoughs

When it comes to quoting and shipping cargo to Africa, fretcot is the best solution to ship to Africa. In short, it is the fastest to provide the most cost-efficient shipping and transportation solutions.

We support the continent’s socio-economic emergence. fretcot is a member of the Humanitarian Logistics Association. To Clarify, we have tailored a wide range of innovative, cost-efficient, and reliable logistics solutions through the expertise and excellence of our strong network of partners. For example, the fretcot shipping tool lets you quote instantly, compare, and book in a few click a wide range of services. Compare Air Express, Air and ocean transportation to more than 59 destinations within the African continent.

fretcot shipping tool lets you, instant quote, compare and book in a few clicks a wide range of services from Air Express, Air and ocean transportation to more than 100 destinations on the African continent.

The best solution to ship to Africa

ship to Africa

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