DHL FedEX UPS USPS, find alternative shipping options


There is nothing worse than feeling like you are overspending on shipping, but you don’t know where to start. What are the alternative shipping options to DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS?

To find the best shipping option for your business can be a complicated task. Should you use  DHL, FedEx, UPS, or USPS? Perhaps do a mix of carriers? Or even looking for alternative options.


1.The 4 major courier carriers: DHL FedEx UPS USPS

Certainly, DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS are the 4 giants. As a result, they have been in business for years. They transport millions of parcels every day. However, it’s still unclear to know what their strengths and weaknesses are.

In fact, each of them has a unique way to operate. In other words, FedEx dominates the air delivery, while UPS has an exhaustive fleet on the ground. DHL is the specialist for international shipping. On the other hand, USPS is the postal service for the United States. USPS delivers letters and smaller packages both domestically and internationally.

It’s important to understand what each carrier has to offer. Therefore, it can help you choose which works best for your business.

We have done a short comparison study based on the following critical factors. Such as shipping rates, services, overall value, tracking, speed of delivery, pricing.


  • Packaging and dimensional weight for DHL FEDEX UPS USPS

USPS uses Cubic Pricing to calculate the shipping distance. As a result, it’s relatively economical for small dimensions with a heavyweight.

UPS, DHL, and FedEx use Dimensional weight. Therefore, increasing the weight or the dimension of your package will increase drastically the shipping charges.


  • Discounts offered by DHL FedEx UPS USPS

All carriers are offering discounts and reward programs to help small businesses.

Low weight – High Volume = USPS and DHL

Low weight – Low volume = USPS

High weight – High volume = UPS

High weight -low volume =UPS and FEDEX


  • Value-added services, convenience, and tracking

UPS and FedEx are offering an extensive list of useful services to their customers. For example, they are selling shipping supplies. Besides, they provide computers and printers on site.

FedEx, UPS, and DHL have stores and Service points where the customer can receive the goods at their convenience. Also, they are offering last-mile delivery and tracking (DHL FedEx tracking, UPS tracking).

To sum up, UPS and FedEx have a more physical presence and added benefits of providing auxiliary services.


  • Insurance

If shipments are delivered later than the committed time, DHL, UPS, and FedEx will credit or refund the transportation charges. But for DHL and UPS, the recovery process can be complicated. FedEx provides a hassle-free experience in claiming the insurance.

All carriers are offering damage insurance based on the declared value.


  • Speed & Reliability of DHL FEDEX UPS USPS

Though USPS speed of delivery has increased during the years it has not reached the level of on-time delivery of the 3 other carriers.


  • International Shipping. Dhl Express

Most of the carriers are offering door to door services. However, they can have a variety of restrictions on the items to ship. Most importantly, the rate will depend on the package size and how fast you need it at the destination. DHL shipping has the most complete International network with more than 200 Countries in the world.


2.Design a shipping strategy

If you are shipping internationally, it makes sense to start with small shipments by express freight (International Courier). It’s efficient as long as you ship less than 25 Kilos internationally. Above all, the products shipped must have a high-profit margin. For small profit margins, make sure that shipping doesn’t cut all the profits.

Too many businesses overspend on the shipping because they’re unaware of the options available. Here are some international alternative shipping options to help businesses save money.


Do not over-rely on Express freight

But there comes a point if you are regularly shipping goods you may end up spending way too much on shipping. Many businesses don’t realize that they have passed this point. By exclusively using or over-relying on Express freight.


Budget and time frame delivery requirements

Before selecting the shipping company, it’s essential to know the volume of your shipments and where you ship to. What budget does the business have? Or what is the customer delivery requirements? This balance will help to choose the correct shipping services.


Shipping without cutting profits

You can consider offering different levels of shipping services according to the competitiveness of your product on a market. Faster service is often higher and may increase the cost of your product at the destination. You can offer express courier service, regular air shipping with cargo airlines, and shipping lines.

It’s up to you to determine what makes sense to grow your business for your shipping strategy. But, how to find a shipping solution that’s faster than a postal courier but not as expensive as an express courier?

Why is DHL shipping so expensive?

What are my alternatives to Courier service?

3.Alternative shipping options for international delivery.

Are you looking for freight cost savings and a backup plan? Are you handling higher than anticipated shipping volumes? Then it may be time to consider alternative shipping options and carriers for shipping. You may wonder, what are the best airlines to ship my cargo to? How to find a niche carrier? And even why not ocean transportation for my shipment?  Lower-cost delivery options or special handling options can be considered to reduce your freight costs and improve your bottom line.


The Alternative carriers to DHL FEDEX UPS USPS

Cargo Airlines and shipping lines are alternative shipping options. They usually do not work directly with shippers. But, they are relying on professional experts: freight forwarders who are offering various logistics solutions. Also, the forwarder makes sure that your shipment is compliant. Furthermore, alternative carriers often offer very competitive prices. To clarify, freight forwarders get discounts based on their shipping volumes. Sometimes, freight forwarders are using the remaining space of express carriers. In other words, they ship their cargo at a slower pace but at a more affordable price.


The online freight forwarder.  Instant quote

The most accurate way of finding that out is to request a quote from an online forwarder. It’s hassle-free. Especially if you don’t have all the details you need when requesting a quote. Most importantly, you do not have to wait several days for the forwarders to prepare a freight quote.


Compare various services options with fretcot

It’s easy to get instant pricing, set-up the pickup and delivery point. The fretcot shipping calculator database gives you access to hundreds of alternative carriers. Furthermore, it allows you to compare various shipping services and quote different commodities. You can also purchase insurance and track your shipment. Above all, it’s easy to reach an expert if you have any questions.

Try fretcot today! It’s hassle-free, you instantly get priority air expedited shipping, standard air shipping, and ocean shipments costs on only one screen.

Final Thought

Finding the right carrier for all of your shipping needs will vary based on your shipping and market goals.

DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS are usually very convenient as long as you ship no more than 25 Kilos.

Therefore, to grow your business we would recommend looking for international alternative shipping options. For instance, online forwarders can help your business save money. Let fretcot calculate your first international shipping quote today!


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