International auto transport, shipping vehicles from the USA

International Auto transport

International auto transport is growing rapidly. In fact, it is thanks to the easiest web connectivity between buyers and sellers from across the globe. However, moving a vehicle from the USA, overseas can be a lot more complicated than a simple domestic move.

Therefore, it’s important to well prepare yourself. International Auto transport requires a high level of care, knowledge, experience, and transport security. Besides, it also involves export documents filling customs and dangerous good declaration, insurance, etc…

Whether it’s a personal vehicle, vintage car, classic car, a concept car for exhibition, or a vehicle you just bought at auction, it’s important to protect your investment. Use an experienced car shipping company to secure your vehicle transportation.

fretcot team can help you to internationally ship your vehicle from the USA. We can serve the entire country and offer great rates to all the top worldwide destinations including Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, The Middle East, Asia, and more.

This article will help you to better understand international auto transport and answer the following questions.

What mode of transport should I choose? How to ship a car overseas? How much does it cost to ship a car internationally? What documents do I need to ship a car overseas?


When it comes to international vehicle shipping, you can choose two main options: Air and Ocean transportation.

In fact, it depends on preferences, budget, transit time requirements, and vehicle types.

International Auto Transport via Ocean freight

Ocean freight offers 2 options: container shipping or the Roll-on Roll-off (RORO) method. In fact, you can use both options for trucks, cars, motorcycles, and any other vehicle that needs international shipping.

  • RORO shipping: RORO is a simple and cheap method for overseas car shipping. The RORO company drives your vehicle onto the RORO vessel. After that, they secure your vehicle on the enclosed deck. Although spare tires and factory-fitted accessories are allowed, personal effects cannot be shipped through this method.
  • Container shipping: Unlike RORO, container shipping requires special loading procedures. Once a car is delivered to a port terminal or warehouse, the car is carefully driven and positioned inside one of the containers. All four car wheels are then braced and lashed with soft straps to the corners of the container. This prevents any undesirable movements from damaging the vehicle. Additionally, containers come in several sizes: 20’ standard, 40’ standard, and 40’ high cube.

Airfreight International Auto transport.

Airfreight is known to be the most expensive option. However, depending on the destination, vehicle types, and dimensions, some airlines are offering very competitive rates. Also, the option is known to be way faster and more secured as most airport terminals have CCTV.

The Car is delivered to the airport and loaded and braced on an aircraft pallet.  After that, the pallet is loaded into the aircraft.  Vehicle prototypes or very high-value vehicles may be loaded into a crate or special aircraft containers.


The typical cost for international car shipping can range anywhere from $2500 to $25,000. In short, it depends on the destination and the mode of transportation you chose. The cost to ship a car internationally depends on a variety of factors.

  • Service type
  • Distance
  • Size of the vehicle
  • Potential customs
  • Shipping insurance

To get a better idea of what your international auto transport may cost, check out our online car shipping rate calculator and get a free instant quote. Fretcot online Auto calculator allows you to compare on a unique screen Air, Ocean, and Air express shipping.


  1. If you have any special requirements or have any questions simply email or call one of our specialists today. We can create a custom cargo plan that takes into account the location of your car, its final destination, your budget, and your ideal timeline. There are several options available for international vehicle transport. It includes boats, trucks, and planes. Each option has its own regulations and logistics, so it’s important to make the process as painless and smooth as possible.
  2. Fretcot can help you with your shipping project.
  • Inland transportation to the place of departure (open or enclosed transportation).
  • Indoor storage before shipping.
  • Customs documentation and clearance.
  • Full detailed vehicle inspection and online tracking upon departure.
  • Customized loading services.
  • Insurance.
  • Overseas door delivery
  • International ocean or air transport to major worldwide destinations. 
  • Export documentation preparation and filing. 
  • Customs export clearance.
  • Overseas door delivery. 
  1. Prepare your vehicle for shipping.
  • check our online resources, including fretcot packing guidelines for further information. Inform yourself about the whole process. It will ensure you get the smoothest car transport experience possible.
Final thought 

The key to a successful international car shipment is careful planning. Schedule in advance your transport date. Give yourself plenty of time to arrange all paperwork and prepare your car for shipping. Consider your needs for the shipment, including timeframe and locations for pickup and delivery, door to door, or terminal to terminal. Most importantly, provide in detail a listing to the transporter. So the transporter can provide the service you need for safe shipping. You will also want to research any paperwork you may need for your international auto transport. Foreign countries have many different rules, regulations, and policies concerning the transportation of goods. You must research and discuss the appropriate policies for your destination with your car shipping company to avoid any complications. Make sure you have the proper paperwork before shipping your vehicle. So, you will avoid any delay and hold.

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