International Package Shipping Tips You Need To Know

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Expanding your business internationally is a great step for your company, so you must do it correctly. Since you will ship to a new market ground, you will have to learn about international package shipping. After all, you will have to avoid your packages’ late arrival, being damaged, or becoming lost. These conditions would reduce customer satisfaction, which all businesses seek to avoid. To help with this safe shipping process, here are the top international freight shipping tips you must know.

Use Right Packaging

Because your items will travel a long distance, use proper packaging. Add more support for fragile items to ensure they do not break or damage. Some countries require specific labels on the package’s exterior, representing its destination, contents, and other information. Therefore, remember to contain all the necessary labels on the package.

Decide the Method of Transportation

 In this tip, you will have to decide on a method of transportation. When shipping internationally, the two most popular ways are shipping by air and sea, but you can also ship by land. 

Shipping by air is safe but expensive, so it’s best for fragile and valuable items. Shipping by sea is not as secure as air, but it is the cheapest and best for robust items. If you want your packages to arrive fastly at their destination, shipping by air is the way to go since it is the fastest method of transportation. 

Learn Shipping Restrictions

Many items are restricted in international countries, so it is essential to ensure that you comprehend their restrictions and follow their policies. If you accidentally send a package with a restricted item, customs will most likely retain it for an extended period. Sometimes, you may not receive the cargo back, so these shipping restrictions are crucial to save your time and money.

Beware of Scams

Unfortunately, there are many situations where you may run into scammers. Even some of the largest companies deal with scammers regarding international shipping. These scammers can pose as shipping companies, so check the URLs of your shipping company’s websites. 

Calculate Shipping Tariffs

Another cost you need to evaluate is the shipping tariff. Shipping tariffs are fees charged by shipping companies for delivering your products internationally and for other freight taxes. These fees differ depending on the company, so always research to find the most suitable company for your products.

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